Mindset Course | The Art of Decluttering

 Frustrated? Tired? Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling trapped by the amount of clutter around you?

Are you tired of feeling like you’re never on top of things?

Do you organise your home only to find it’s untidy again three days later?

Do you want your home to feel calm and relaxing, but think it’s impossible?

Do you want more time and energy to enjoy and create an abundant life?

The Art of Decluttering Mindset Course will take you from stressed and overwhelmed, to relaxed and organised.  We take the guess work out of how to maintain the beautiful home you’ve been dreaming of. 

 This 6 week course, is for everyone who wants to learn easy daily habits so you can keep your home organised without having to spend hours every day tidying up.

 Together We Will Transform Your Home

Hello! We are Kirsty & Amy, your hosts on this seriously, life-changing journey.

We have spent years practising amazing habits that have freed us from the feeling of overwhelm in our homes. Now we want to pass this knowledge onto you!

We’ve put together all our secret mindset hacks and easy daily habits so that you can create and maintain a spacious, organised home that you will love to live in.

Over 6 weeks, we’ll cover the key changes to your mindset that will set you up for success. We’ll explain the habits you need to develop to enjoy a lifetime of freedom from overwhelming ‘stuff’. 

Are you ready for a new way of life?

Are you ready for freedom?  

You Will Receive

Weekly videos with decluttering habits to set you free from procrastination and stress

Weekly live interactive chats with Kirsty and Amy

New challenges to keep you on-track and motivated.

A private Facebook community to further encourage and inspire you

Personal growth and empowerment to make the changes that will bring you more time to enjoy your life.

You Will Learn

How to unleash your inner superhero to combat the evils of mess and clutter; with strength, power and ease.

How less ‘stuff’ brings greater calm and order to you and your family.

How creating habits can set you free

Key mindset lessons that will set you up for long term success

Stronger Together

We’re passionate about helping you create the home and life of your dreams. We both have families ourselves and know the harmony that being organised brings. We want to share that feeling with you.

At first it may seem overwhelming, but daily steps along your path will get you there. Just over the horizon, with a bit of determination and a sprinkle of resolve is the vision of your decluttered, de-stressed and delightful home. 

You’re not alone as you start this journey to a clutter-free reality. We’ll be with you from the start to finish, providing motivation and inspiration from the sidelines. And we bring with us a supportive and encouraging online community as your additional cheer squad. 

But if you need a little more motivation, we suggest inviting your bestie to join us! Why? Because in this instance, the more the merrier (unlike in your utensil drawer!) 

Praise for Kirsty and Amy

This is the first podcast that I have ever listened to and I am totally hooked. I thought I knew about decluttering but I was wrong. I am learning so much from each podcast and I just want to book these lovely ladies to come to my house and help me to declutter and organise.

Sarah Purvis

Podcast Listener

Working with Kirsty has honestly changed my life. I’ve struggled for years to get my house sorted out and in just 2 visits I feel like I’ve finally started to achieve what I always failed to do myself. Her approach is fair but firm and she is very understanding. It’s been challenging but it’s also been a lot of fun too. I look forward to working with Kirsty more over the coming months.

Megan Cameron

Kirsty's Client

Amy is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to organising. She educates as she helps you declutter and I can’t recommend her enough. She makes a dreadful job so much more fun. Thanks, Amy and I look forward to having you as my personal organiser from now on. You rock

Natasa Denman

Amy's Client

I listened to this podcast on a whim. I’m not into this type of podcast usually, but wanted to expand my tastes a little. I couldn’t have made a better choice. I’ve been listening to it on my drive to work and it makes me anxious to get home and give some of these tips a try. Well done Amy and Kirsty. Keep it up!

Late Night Nerd

Podcast Listener