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The Art of Decluttering: Clutter has profound affect on mood and self-esteem. More: #sun7

Posted by Sunrise on Friday, 25 August 2017
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Think you have to be born tidy? Think again! Kirsty Farrugia of Feels Like Home Professional Organisers and The Art of Decluttering talks about how to train yourself to be tidy, and how decluttering your home can change your life.

Posted by Sky News Real Estate on Monday, 14 August 2017

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Australians are a nation of clutter addicts, new research reveals

“To stop the tide of clutter, Ms Farrugia said to stop procrastinating and find a home for everything once it comes into your home. If it doesn’t have a place to live, get rid of it.
“With the spare TV, find somewhere it can be used and if you find it’s not serving your vision of your home then let it go,” she said.

Kirsty Farrugia from Art of Decluttering & Feels Like Home


The mum of two not only runs her own business, Feels Like Home Professional Organisers, but has also branched out to produce podcasts. The Art of Decluttering, produced with Melbourne-based friend Amy Revell, made it into the iTunes top-10 for Health and Wellbeing within weeks of posting.

“Our podcast … was birthed out of our love of podcasts and our desire to see other mums become more organised and have freedom by living in a decluttered home,” Mrs Farrugia said.

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