Do you LOVE books? Do you dread listening to this episode because you think we are going to tell you to get rid of them all? Have no fear, we both love reading and would never tell you to get rid of ALL of your books! We want you to be free of the clutter that they can create! We want to inspire you to read and reread the books you love and pass on the ones you can! Are you like Amy who loves non-fiction? Or are you more like Kirsty and get lost in the worlds of fiction stories? Do you have a collection of magazines that are just collecting dust?

Here is another episode where you can laugh at and with Amy and Kirsty. You will be inspired to declutter your books and magazines and to really think about what type of person you want to be in relation when it comes to books and magazines. We hope you enjoy it!

From their years of experience, Kirsty & Amy share their love of decluttering and organising books and magazines this week.

Here are some authors we mentioned in the episode:

Liane Moriarty

Joshua Becker

The Minimalist

Peter Walsh

Brooke McAlary
Malcolm Gladwell

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